Monday, February 17, 2014

The Moutain Between Us

Hello Bookies!!

I know its been a hectic week for some of us with the winter weather that has impacted most of the South East. Due to this, we will not start our discussions until Friday, February 21st, 2014.

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Monday, February 3, 2014

The Mountain Between Us: The Break Down

Hello Bookies!!!

I hope everyone is ready to dive into this months book "The Mountain Between Us". This book has 51 chapters....I know its a doosey! So here is how we will dissect this months page turning book.

Week 1: 1-13

Week 2: 14-25

Week 3: 26-37

Week 4: 36-51

Of course discussions will be posted at the end of each week.

Also, I would like to open the floor for next months book! I want to be able to actively involve every bookies, not only from our weekly discussion, but by bring you in the process of choosing our books! So put your thinking caps on and let me know what book(s) you have in mind.

Please leave your book selections in the comment box below!

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Natty Luv

Saturday, February 1, 2014

Sweet Pea: Discussion Questions

Hello bookies,

I hope this message reaches you in good health and spirits. For all of my bookies in the Atlanta area, i pray that all is well with you. IT has been a hectic few days in the Atlanta area and I'm happy to say that we are back to normal!

Well, Sweet Pea was a a delight to read and I hope you enjoyed it as well. Below are our final set of discussion questions for Leaving Atlanta.

REMINDER: We being "The Mountain Between Us" on Monday!

1. The novel is divided into three sections, each with a different point of view. How did this affect your experience reading the novel? Which section was your favorite and why?

2. The three children in this novel all have very different home lives. Which parents do the best job with their children?

3. For the author, Tayari Jones, the Atlanta Child Murders were a defining moment in her childhood. She has said in an interview that: “This is when found out how the world worked. That children could die. That there were people who would want to hurt you for no reason at all. But it was also when I found out that there were people who we didn’t even know, who would do whatever they could to keep us safe.” Was there a moment in your own childhood that caused you to look at the word with a more grown-up perception?

4. The character, Mrs. Greir, makes a big difference in Octavia’s life. Did you have a special relationship with a teacher in your life? How do you think that student-teacher relationship has changed over the years?

5. The issue of social/economic class is very important in Leaving Atlanta. In your reading of this piece, how did you see economic class as a factor in the children’s lives?